About Me

My name is Grokknar Ironanvil and I’m a Dwarfen warrior of the light. Some say that I wear a dress whilst working… and that given the choice it would be pink. All you need to know is that they are 100% correct—I’m a dress wearing pink Pally an I’ll kick your arse! Usually whilst drunk.

I have nothing but respect for a fellow dress wearer. Even if he is a bit of a psychopath.

I’m have been a raid lead for a number of 10 man teams: Yeti, Deadbeat Desperado’s, “Eats, Shoots & Leaves” and Eats Smashed Kegs and was the elected Guild Master of Jane Doe for over a year. When I’m not telling people what or what not to do I’m spamming Holy Light like it’s gone out of fashion. Keeping the tanks alive was my particular niche (until Cataclysm) but I like to think that I wasn’t too shabby it at—we were all alive more then we’re dead after all which means statistics backs me up on this one.

Both roles provide their own set of unique and interesting challenges not least of which is how a heavily armoured scottish dwarf in a dress asserts his authority and keeps people alive at the same time. I’ll leave the answer of that particular riddle as an exercise for the reader.

Deadbeat Desperado’s

The Deadbeat’s were (are) a great bunch of people, despite 1 of them being a gnome (I try not to hold it against them) and another being walking dead (I can’t help but hold that against them—honestly, clearing up the body parts they forget to take home with them is something I’d rather miss).

Despite these flaws—yes being walking dead is a flaw—It is obvious that it’s not how you raid, but who you raid with that has the most influence on why you raid.

“My RL @grokknar rocks. For a Pink Pally that is. ;P”—@demeternoth

We sometimes find that staring at them long enough makes them go away.