Grokk’s Low-Res TukUI Edit

Take that! and that! - No, DON'T HEAL


GrokkUI is no longer maintained and is several versions out of date. I would not recommend that you use it or attempt to get it to work. Please checkout the original TukUI project for a more updated version. Or, do as I have done and migrate to its sister project ElvUI.

A.K.A. GrokkUI

I’ve taken TukUI and added the high-res action bar functionality to the low-res version—giving it an 8 extra buttons which you can expand or collapse as needed. I play on a 15″ 1400×900 screen and there was some extra room to play with so I’ve altered the default positions of a few things as well as adding the extra buttons to the bottom. Since one of the three bars that used to live on the side now lives at the bottom you will only have access to up-to two bars on the right hand side.


  1. Whilst hacking in all the actionbar edits I made no effort to retain high-res capability and so this edit will likely not work (well or at all) when in high-res mode.
  2. If you’re upgrading from a 13.x release to a 14.x release you will need to remove your TukUI-DBM and TelUI add ons as they are no longer necessary.


Get the latest version from github or if you’re after a specific version you can find them linked below. Non-release and development versions can be found at the github project page.


Date Note
16/02/11 Initial 13.1 release.
22/04/11 Updated to newest TukUI code. Allow more auras to show by minimap.
29/04/11 Patch 4.1 compatibility including DBM skinning and Skada/Recount.
02/08/11 Patch 4.2 compatibility with the latest TukUI release.
17/12/11 Patch 4.3 compatibility and a bump to version 14 of TukUI