WoW Armory Character

This WordPress plugin displays World of Warcraft character profiles pulled from data made available by the WoW community API. It allows you to view a basic profile that shows your character information and picture. It can be easily configured to show the gear that you are wearing (with links to wowhead, your talents, professions and recent achievements.

To see an example of the plugin in action check it out on my about page.

Please Note

This is a ground up rewrite of seifertim’s effort WoW Armory. The API that was used by the WoW Armory plugin will be discontinued on the 12th of August and so it will cease to function. I’ve tried to keep as much of the display markup as possible so that people migrating from WoW Armory will not have to redo any theming they have carried out – however, there are some minor changes so it may not be a 100% fit.

I have not replicated all the functionality that was offered by WoW Armory and have instead concentrated on getting it working well for how I use it. Consequently you are unable to view a 3D view of your character or professions (though these are planned).

Known Issues

  • Professions do not show


  • Upload ‘wow-armory-character’ to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Ensure your webserver has write permissions to the /wp-content/plugins/wow-armory-character/cache directory
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  • Configure a widget and add it to your site or use the Unable to fetch data from for character shortcode.

Shortcode Use

The shortcode can be added to any page or post and can be configured in an identical fashion to the widget. At a minimum you will need to specify the realm and character name for it to work – though this will assumethat you wish to show all the details of character from the EU region in English.

[armory-character realm="Terokkar" name="Grokknar"]

The configuration parameters available to use are:

  • regionEUUS, KO and TW currently supported
  • show_portrait1 or 0
  • show_title1 or 0
  • show_talents1 or 0
  • show_items1 or 0
  • show_profs1 or 0
  • show_achievs– This is a bitwise field. To get the setting you want use add together the numbers below.
    • 1 – Show achievement bar
    • 2 – Show achievement list
    • 4 – Show descriptions on the achievement list.
  • localeen_GB, en_US, de_DE, es_ES, es_MX, fr_FR, ru_RU, ko_KR, zh_TW or zh_CN

Note: Certain locale choices are only available when selecting some regions.

Available Filters

For more capable/adventurous developers there are a number of hooks that allow you to change the way the plugin functions without altering it’s code. This means you get to upgrade in the future without worrying about breaking any changes you may have made.

Allows you to specify an alternate template file to use to display your profile. Defaults to view-wow-armory-character.php

    function my_function_name($file_path) {
         // e.g. return realpath(__FILE__) . '/view-wow-armory-character.php'

Your profile once the template has been processed. It may be quicker to alter the display at runtime rather than duplicate the template when making only minor changes. As well as the output that will be displayed the Character data as retireved from the Community API is also passed. This should allow you to make any changes you need.

    function my_function_name($output, $character_data) {
         // Do something to the $output, perhaps using the $character_data
         return $output;

Frequently Asked Questions

The plugin is displaying old information. How do I update it?

The plugin will cache the characters it retrieves from the community API for 12 hours. This ensures that your website will make no more then 2 requests in any 24 hour period. In order to force your character display to update you are able to clear the cache.

  • Navigate to the Character Cache section within the Settings area of your wordpress admin area.
  • Tick the checkbox next to the character you wish to refresh and click the Clear Cache button.

When you next look at your character fresh information will be pulled from the community API. It may be the case that the community API is returning old information, in this case you will need to wait until your armory page is updated.




  • Achievements are now available to be shown.
  • New filter added to allow you to change the template file location.


  • Fixed usages of __DIR__ which is PHP5.3 only. The plugin should now work on PHP5.2+ Thanks to @Flavio_Torelli for reporting the issue.


  • Retagging since I messed it up. Give us a break it’s my first plugin 🙂


  • Changed file address from FILE since it does not work well with symlinks
  • Enforced correct language choices per region
  • Fixed realms with spaces in their names
  • Fixed some images not working in a non-english locale
  • Added KR and TW regions


  • The initial release of the plugin.

Upgrade Notice


  • You can now show your characters achievements. For easier theming you can now specify your own template file to render the profile.


  • Prior to this version the plugin was non-functional on anything less then PHP 5.3. If your running 5.2 then it should now work.


  • Numerous bug fixes plus the addition of support for the KR and TW regions.

Development Version

The development version, as well as all the tagged releases of this project, are hosted on and merely pushed to the WordPress plugin repository for distribution purposes.

Should you need to use the development version (perhaps to fix a bug, or test a feature) please download it from the github website.

I also maintain a more comprehensive issue/bug list at github so if you have anything to report it would be very helpful if you could post the problem there.


Please install the plugin from the WordPress plugin repository.

The development version of the plugin is hosted on github.