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Running Home Assistant in docker on a Raspberry Pi

Welcome to the first part of a multipart series that will detail getting Home Assistant running in Docker on your RaspberryPi. We’ll be installing Docker on an Ubuntu server instance running on Raspberry Pi. It will expose the services it runs through an instance of Traefik - that will automatically configure SSL certificates and it will give you a management interface called Portainer so that you can directly control the services running.

This guide is aimed at an intermediate level. It assumes a certain amount of comfort in the Linux command line.

Kill Team - Orks Orks Orks

Four Games Workshop Ork miniatures ready ready to go

The start of 2020 has seen me pick up the pace on my “hobby” journey. With a rocky start fuelled by a subscription to Warhammer 40000: Conquest I’ve invested in some greenskins (and found some in the attic) and this post documents me getting a team up and running.

Welcome to the new Real Men Wear

This was the year I took some time out to rebuild this site. As is typical for the personal projects we take on it featured large amounts of scope creep, a non-existant deadline and too many new technologies to learn.