Month: 2010/06

The trip has indeed been long

Here be (rideable violet) dragons

I’d like to thank all the people who’d made the last year as enjoyable as it has been. Despite having been playing this game for over a year now I’ve still got so much to see and do – so for that I’d like to thank blizzard, but not for The Turkinator for that they can all go sit in the naughty corner.

Raid leading and me

Sometime back in the dim and distant past I became aware of what exactly the endgame entailed for most players and I embarked on a quest to get into one of my guilds raiding teams. Although I was rapidly picking up gear from heroics and buying my T9 gear with my Triumph emblems I was still vastly under geared for any of the content that the teams were running and so was unlikely to even be added as a bench member. Fortunately for me the guild leader of the time was putting together a 4th team and so I signed my name up and waited for some raiding action to appear in my calendar. A week later – and with no sign of any raids – I checked on the guild forums to find that without a leader to organise things the members of the team that had so far been assembled weren’t likely to be going anywhere.

Hello world!

So I’ve finally gotten around to this whole blogging thing. I wouldn’t expect much at the moment to be honest since I’m still getting warmed up to the whole idea but before long I’ll be spamming your RSS feeds with all sorts of thoughtful musings.