Do you RP?

July 19th, 2010 § 6 comments

I need to stand on things else I can't reachMeet Grokknome; he’s the character I created to make some real money on the AH. Actually, scratch that, he was originally created for a level 1 gnome hogger raid. You know, before they nerfed that particular piece of fun. If I recall correctly  the 40 or so of us that had gathered managed to kill hogger just fine—we then went on a tour of Dalaran before jumping out of the sewer pipe in some sort of mass Gnomish suicide pact.

After all this I found that I’d become rather attached to the fellow; I mean, how can you not, with his bald head, jug ears and tasty goatee/tache combo. From that day forward he became my trusty AH (dis)enchanter companion. He’s not always camped out in front of the Dwarfen hottieauctioneer either as I regularly find him ganking healers in Warsong Gulch.

But now I suppose I’ve come to the crux of this whole article. Despite not playing on a Role Play realm—despite not ever being interested in that kind of thing before now—I find myself properly identifying with this little guy’s personality. He’s a shameless, cheeky, womanising scamp who’ll /flirt at anything female and has a particular liking for women of the Dwarfen kind. He’s had more then a few /slap‘s, and will usually evoke at least a /gasp or a /blush (all in-game emotes I might add, the line is drawn at harassing pixels). The thing is, I don’t know why I do it—I really haven’t a clue; perhaps it’s the way he dances?

But all this has got me thinking—I can’t be the only one. Can I?

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  • Demeternoth says:

    I do catch myself RP-ing on Deme without realising I’m doing it sometimes. Like when I was guildless and would just stroll around Dalaran with a companion pet on a leash like I was an out-of-work mercenary waiting to be hired.

    And of course, she is always put to bed. Woe-be-tied any bugger who is in the Inn when I want to put Deme to bed.

  • Razorstorm says:

    I think it us inherent in the game to start seeing your character as a personality. I actually think that the RP-lite mindset in game comes more naturally that the cold, calculating optimizer. A fun case in point is Frostheim at Not an RPER. Notable theorycrafter. The man refuses to let his dwarf hunter use anything but a gun even in the face of bis bows, such a the one that currently drops from LDW. (I think?) I think it starts the moment you start looking at the character creation screen.

  • Jack says:

    Definitely not the only one. I don’t really stick to a consistently played role . . . but every toon has its ticks. Favorite mount. Set of clothes I equip wandering around towns. Pet kept out (if any). Etc.

  • candlewaxx says:

    Personally I find even the mere idea of role-playing somewhat exhausting, although I can understand why others may enjoy it. To some people it’s a form of escapism, like taking a break from real life and going for a walk in one of your more peculiar dreams or fantasies and letting your imagination take you for a ride. Which is great…IF you have a good imagination.

    When I was little I used to read constantly, mostly fantastical adventure story books. And I would make believe that I was the character and the story was happening to me – sometimes dressing up or silently acting it out in the back yard (I was an only child, wasn’t good to be seen to be talking to myself!).

    Now though, I get home after a long day at the office and I just want to kill pixels and chase achievements with my online mates. I don’t particularly have the energy to act or speak “in character” or be concerned about my toon’s storyline or background. She is me, and I think if she was someone else I simply wouldn’t enjoy playing her.

    Maybe I just grew out of my imagination. :/

  • Cynwise says:

    Every so often I break into in-game RP. It’s fun, it’s easy, it doesn’t have connotations of story or anything else behind it.

    I did, however insist on playing Cynwulf drunk as a skunk when he PvPed as a level 59 twink. I’d be roaring out commands in /bg chat and then get a … hic! at the end. It was awsome.

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