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December 9th, 2010 § 2 comments

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When patch 4.0.1 dropped I took the opportunity to give my addons folder a much needed clearing. I figured that perhaps I didn’t really need all the junk that I’d managed to accumulate—at a rough tally I had 50+ addons. Just to make life harder on myself I resolved to get rid of everything. “Perhaps I’d get on with all the old (and new) defaults that Blizzard had given us” I thought to myself.

I didn’t last very long—but I did resolve to find a single UI package that would give me all that I needed and be lightweight whilst it was at it. Enter TukUI.

Enter TukUI

Die LK Die!

Want a video? With annotations?

TukUI is a fantastically easy to use all in one UI. I’d spent a long time tweaking and poking Bartender and SexyMap, Grid and SBF and many more to get something I’d vaguely been happy with but with TukUI all I had to do was install the one addon1 and everything looked fantastic and more importantly, worked well.

The first time you login you’ll be asked if you want a healing or dps/tank layout and from that point on it stays out of your way. You get a fully skinned UI supporting most2 of the features you’ll have spent an age eking out of a number of other addons and the best bit is that it’ll run in under 1MB of memory.

Bah, it can’t do everything?!

That measly 1MB of memory used buys me:

  • Completely skinned buttons and various dialogs (Buttonfacade alone uses way more memory then TukUI).
  • 5-15 and 16-40 man raid frames in both healing and dps/tank layouts (think big and small health bars).
  • Enemy health bars.
  • Player and target (and target’s target) frames.
  • Arena frames (not seen these yet since arena season has yet to start)
  • All in one bags with search and auto-sell junk
  • Built in keybinding à la Bindpad
  • + a whole bunch of other nice stuff (auto repair is a godsend)

I needs me a trash compactorBut yes you’re right. It can’t get me everything, the two things I needed to bring in were Skada and DBM. Fortunately the user community surrounding TukUI is really very active and has produced a couple of editless3 addons that make them look right at home. You’ll want DBM Editless skin and Editless Skinning V24 to get things looking just right.

Ok, sold – what now?

Update – 16/02/11
TukUI has been updated to version 13. This version, apart from having some excellent changes, has also been modified by me for people with low resolution (i.e. less then 1600 pixel wide) screens and has been made available here.

It couldn’t be easier at this point. TukUI is not hosted on curse.com or wowinterface.com and can only be found on the official website.

  1. Get thee to the TukUI download page.
  2. Click the big download button. Optionally, download the config tool.
  3. Extract the archives into your Addons folder.
  4. Run WoW. Disable all your other UI addons and enable the TukUI one5.
  5. You’re done. Don’t forget to check out the FAQ6.


Your going to want to make some tweaks I imagine and fortunately it’s not made too hard (or impossible). If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty you can head to the Interface/Addons/TukUI/config/config.lua file and make the changes there7. It’s a well documented file that holds your hand through the process.

More options then you can shake a stick atIf you’re not inclined to go mucking about in a text file you can download another (official and optional) addon that lets you change the same settings from within the game. Simply install, enable and type /tc in game to bring up the dialog.


  • Always always check out the FAQ if you have a question
  • If you’re making changes to the configuration file (or even the addon’s code) don’t waste time restarting the game. Typing /rl in the games chat window will pull your changes through.
  • You don’t have to run all the components if you don’t want. Fancy using ArkInventory instead of the built-in bag functionality? No problem, just disable that bit in the config.lua file or using the configuration tool and run ArkInventory instead.
  • If you’re using the configuration addon to tweak TukUI disable it once you’re done and save some system resources – and indirectly some trees.
  • Always check out the official TukUI forums if you’ve got an issue that needs fixing. Chances are somebodies already fixed it and the solution is waiting there just for you to find it.
  • You can always try an Edit8 if you’re not completely happy with the way TukUI looks. The most active edit appears to be Elv22.
  • If you’re a raid leader or just like a little control the community addon TukUI Mark Bar gives you a great little interface for marking targets, doing readychecks etc. By default it will appear at the top middle of your screen and with no way to move it. Instructions are provided at the link above as to what code you’ll need to change (don’t worry it’s not hard) to get it where you want.
  1. Technically 3, but the other two don’t really count []
  2. Though admittedly not all []
  3. Meaning you don’t have to edit the source addon []
  4. Follow the instructions on this one []
  5. You can always re-enable the ones you want back later. This just helps initially []
  6. If I mention this enough it might work 😀 []
  7. As well as a huge amount of useful information the official forums has a FAQ that provides loads of config file tweaks. []
  8. A user contributed alteration of TukUI. Some look completely different, some don’t []

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