Noobs can kill!

I believe I have a great raid team, not a good raid team, but a great one. After over a year of raiding together I think we’ve all come to know each other very well—even going so far as to meet up for actual real life partying (no, Vodka drunk from wooden egg cups does not a happy morning make).

But (and there had to be a but) we’re all a bunch of complete and utter noobs. Despite our best efforts we’ve yet to make a single iota of progress against the Tier 11 instances1, and I find this incredibly frustrating. I know that we’re all capable of doing what needs to be done and I know that it’s only a matter of time before things all slot into place but watching other equally capable guild teams accelerate away from us is causing me to question exactly what my part in all this is. Am I failing the team in my leadership? In my ability as a healer? I can see that much more stagnation will see team morale suffering and that will only complicate matters.

Don’t get me wrong, we are making progress. Every wipe has us a little closer (even if it is only a little) to killing whatever it is we’re hitting. I just hope it’s enough to keep the team together—an exodus of the… more talented2 members is the last thing I want. Am I just worrying about nothing? Gear wise we mostly suck with some members probably only ready for early heroics. Is it even worth trying to raid in a situation like that? I’d like to think so since gear isn’t everything.

This has been a bit of a rambling one, mostly, in all honesty not about anything much, but if anyone’s got comments to make I’d like to read them. If you are a Deadbeat then perhaps you’ve got a cunning plan you can let me in on 🙂

  1. Bar Baradin Hold, but I’ve been told that’s too easy to count ↩︎

  2. Deadbeats have no bads. Just some betters ↩︎