Of raid team frustrations…

February 11th, 2011 § 3 comments

Noobs can kill!

I believe I have a great raid team, not a good raid team, but a great one. After over a year of raiding together I think we’ve all come to know each other very well—even going so far as to meet up for actual real life partying (no, Vodka drunk from wooden egg cups does not a happy morning make).

But (and there had to be a but) we’re all a bunch of complete and utter noobs. Despite our best efforts we’ve yet to make a single iota of progress against the Tier 11 instances1, and I find this incredibly frustrating. I know that we’re all capable of doing what needs to be done and I know that it’s only a matter of time before things all slot into place but watching other equally capable guild teams accelerate away from us is causing me to question exactly what my part in all this is. Am I failing the team in my leadership? In my ability as a healer? I can see that much more stagnation will see team morale suffering and that will only complicate matters.

Don’t get me wrong, we are making progress. Every wipe has us a little closer (even if it is only a little) to killing whatever it is we’re hitting. I just hope it’s enough to keep the team together—an exodus of the… more talented2 members is the last thing I want. Am I just worrying about nothing? Gear wise we mostly suck with some members probably only ready for early heroics. Is it even worth trying to raid in a situation like that? I’d like to think so since gear isn’t everything.

This has been a bit of a rambling one, mostly, in all honesty not about anything much, but if anyone’s got comments to make I’d like to read them. If you are a Deadbeat then perhaps you’ve got a cunning plan you can let me in on 🙂

  1. Bar Baradin Hold, but I’ve been told that’s too easy to count []
  2. Deadbeats have no bads. Just some betters []

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  • Candlewaxx says:

    Dearest Grokk, you’re a great raid leader and we all love ya mate so don’t you forget it! And please don’t blame yourself, it takes 10 to…er…tango?

    I have also been wondering whether we have tried to raid a little too soon, but I think that’s more to do with some people having more gearing/grinding time available than others. So naturally some are behind while others seem to march on ahead which of course affects our ability to raid in the same way as we were in Wrath because we’re all at different levels.

    I think being friends with everyone in the team helps a LOT, makes those ahead maybe a little more forgiving/understanding of the current gear gap, but I do also recognise that there are certain people in the group who may feel that they are being held back and aren’t progressing as fast as they would like to.

    That’s entirely down to their own personal in-game goals and you shouldn’t feel responsible in any way for that. Nor should you get upset if they do decide to choose their own personal progress over keeping the team together…it’s just the way of the world (of warcraft!).

    I do think however, we need to remember back in Wrath when we started off struggling and were well behind some of the other teams. We actually did manage to sneak up and even pass some of the other groups in terms of progress. So when we get going, we can be pretty awesome! 🙂

    So I see the main factors against us as:

    Time – some have more than others
    Class Confidence – lack of time to play/practice may decrease some people’s confidence/ability in playing their role
    The Daily Grind – some are happier (or have more Time) to do their dailies or heroics than others leading to a Gear Gap
    Raid Group Competition – some may feel if they’re not at the top of progression then they’re not achieving while others are happy just to be having a go
    Group Compilation – decisions on some main specs in the team are still unclear

    I guess what I’m trying to say (somewhere here in this rambling mess of words) is that there are lots of different factors involved here, but pretty much all of them are down to the individual player.

    Hm, well this turned into a wall of text didn’t it! I think I’ll stop now!


  • Atheriel says:

    The truth is, Cata has completely done away with any form of casual raiding until you completely outgear content. It isn’t just that the content is harder/less forgiving. In my view this is a good thing. It makes any success taste all the sweeter.

    The main issue has to be the content scaling. Players are almost doing 25-man content on easy-mode while 10-man teams are struggling to even down the easiest of bosses. A lot has to do with mechanics not scaling with content – if you choose 10 or 25 man raiding you still need the same number of players on interrupts, the same number on adds, which means you have much less room for error given that this ties up a much higher % of the team in 10-man than it does in 25-man. Add into that how completely unforgiving content is now for healing and every single player needs to do their job correctly or the group will wipe…you just can’t heal through mistakes now.

    I have only just joined up with Jane Doe, but the guild I am leaving behind are struggling to. It isn’t for the want of trying or the friendliness of players, it is just some players are falling too far behind to do Cata content. I think gear certainly helps, but surely you should be able to step into raiding with a full heroic set…but no – you NEED the raid gear to make it viable to raid. The logic just doesn’t compute.

    Keep plugging away and i’m sure it will all just fall into place. As soon as some kills get looted and players improve their iLvLs then it will make things a bit easier…perseverance is the key (say he who is bailing out) but I agree, Blizz made a monumental cock-up in the raid content for Cata so far…..let’s hope things improve for 4.1/4.2 eh??

    Good Luck and see you in guild soon

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