I’m sure we have all had experience of ’that’ raider. They seem to come in an almost infinite number of flavours but the end result is always the same — a disruption to the team. Perhaps your version of ’that’ raider does not ever stop talking, perhaps they do not ever start talking, perhaps (and this is probably a little more common) they talk just enough to offend, antagonise or generally upset the teams delicate emotional balance1.

The trick is to catch these misfits before they get to cause lasting damage. Early on it is more then likely that a gentle steer in the right direction will bring harmony to the group. Leave it too long and you will soon find that the only way to put an end to the issue is to remove the disruption from the team and hope they do not take any of your other members with them. So you see, the earlier you deal with it, the better the outcome will likely be. Do not stick your head in the sand and hope things will settle, they likely will not and you could be left trying to deal with the pieces.

  1. It is not unknown for the members of a team to offset each others balance in just such a way that the slightest disturbance can cause it to wobble itself into oblivion like a badly balanced roundabout covered in screaming children. ↩︎