I was fortunate enough to get on the Cataclysm Beta. If you scroll down enough you’ll see my huge screenshot gallery and possibly a few thoughts on it. It was a fantastic experience but I’m not going to repeat it.

Because Spoilers.

Since I purchased the Annual pass I was guaranteed a spot on the MoP beta. This excited me back last year when I signed up but as time passed I’ve decided that no, I don’t want to know what a Panda is like, that no, I don’t want a Monk just yet and that no, I really don’t want to know how they’ve changed the Holy Paladin’s play style/role/armour/beard1

So sorry for a lack of screen shots. You’ll have to make do with the one above.

  1. I think all Paladins should be Dwarfs. Ergo; beards. ↩︎