Space. Where things are dangerous. I’m not elite

So I load into the game and this is what I see. I’m in a loaned Sidewinder and have 1000 credits to my name.

This game is gorgeous. The sound design is fantastic - an incredibly immersive spaceship soundscape surrounds you. It creaks, hums and clicks with every control input you make. When you hear an out of place sound you know something is amiss with your ship.

Up next I’ve ordered the components to make myself an EdTracker and I’ve been told a joystick is on its way. At some point I think an Oculus Rift will be necessary. Then a gaming chair… I can see myself getting lost in this universe.

Update - 11th February 2015

The EdTracker came and was built in a few hours. A simple enough soldering job really though I do find earth plates hard. I don’t know if my soldering iron just isn’t to enough or what but getting the solder to flow onto earth takes ages and gets the whole board horribly hot. That done I got it calibrated and velcroed to the top of my earphones and my god is it awesome.

You can see the results in the video below but checkout my past broadcasts for the newest ones. One of the things I did that vastly improved my experience was to push the head tracking through opentrack which gave me a whole extra roll axis to be immersed in.