Kill Team - Orks Orks Orks

Four Games Workshop Ork miniatures ready ready to go

The start of 2020 has seen me pick up the pace on my “hobby” journey. With a rocky start fuelled by a subscription to Warhammer 40000: Conquest I’ve invested in some greenskins (and found some in the attic) and this post documents me getting a team up and running.

Conquest delivered, over 80 issues a fairly functional (though not strictly tournament legal) Deathguard and Space Marine army. I, along with some friends subscribed and decided our first game experience would be Kill team but we couldn’t all be Death Guard or Marines so some branching out was needed.

Fortunately I’d dabbled in Orks in the distant past, and even had a few models stashed away in the attic. With the help of a Reddit post I was able to put together a pretty functional team using what I had, which was great for my wallet. Of course, once I’d started I ended up buying a load of stuff anyway - which is the way of things with Games Workshop.