Month: 2020/07

Running Home Assistant in docker on a Raspberry Pi - Part 2

Welcome to the second part of a multipart series where we setup a Home Assistant instance in Docker. We’ve already installed Ubuntu server on Raspberry Pi and have an instance of Portainer running. If you want to see how we got this far then check out part 1

In this instalment we’ll be solidifying how we configure our environment. We’ll also be setting up Traefik to act as the frontend to our web applications and getting our Raspberry Pi a permanent home on the internet, and we’ll revisit Portainer so that it works in our new Traefik driven world.

This guide is aimed at an intermediate level. It assumes a certain amount of comfort in the Linux command line.

Giving an old (old) Macbook Pro life

I decided, the other day, to pull an early 2008 Macbook Pro from it’s venerated “I’m too emotionally attached” spot in my tech hoard and breathe some new life into it. This post details the saga of making that happen. The laptop in question is an 15" A1260 Macbook Pro 4,1. It was the last model produced before Apple went all machined-one-piece with their chassis technology and it has been loved.