Raid Leading for Beginners

March 12th, 2012 § 1 comment § permalink

The other day I was asked by a new raid leader in the guild if there were any tips I could give him. I was in the middle of running a raid myself at this point and I’m fairly certain that whatever I replied with wasn’t all that useful. It was probably barely more then a string of non-sensical letters and yet he said his thanks and carried on.

It occurs to me now that there are number of things I should have known when I started raid leading and that if I’d spent less time trying to figure these out and more time actually leading the team I was with would likely have made quite a lot more progress then it ended up doing. I have written about the most salient points but there are so many different ways to approach raid leading that there are many I won’t have covered. All of them are a vital part of any leaders armoury and learning them is as much a part of your journey as your teams progression is.

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Dealing with ‘that’ raider.

January 24th, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

I’m sure we have all had experience of ‘that’ raider. They seem to come in an almost infinite number of flavours but the end result is always the same — a disruption to the team. Perhaps your version of ‘that’ raider does not ever stop talking, perhaps they do not ever start talking, perhaps (and this is probably a little more common) they talk just enough to offend, antagonise or generally upset the teams delicate emotional balance1.

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  1. It is not unknown for the members of a team to offset each others balance in just such a way that the slightest disturbance can cause it to wobble itself into oblivion like a badly balanced roundabout covered in screaming children []

Prodding for progress.

September 15th, 2011 § 1 comment § permalink

It occurred to me at some point last week that I hadn’t taken a good look at my teams character maintenance efforts in a long long time. I remember, back when I first started the whole raid leading malarky, that it used to be a fairly prominent part of what I did.

Back then the task entailed looking at or for each of the people in my team and then cajoling them into actually following the advice. They’d get bonus points if they went off someplace else and did some of their own research but that was a very rare thing indeed—pretty much all were content to just follow the instructions and be on their merry way. Beating on internet dragons is the aim of the game here, not the meta-game that is theory-crafting.

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Of raid team frustrations…

February 11th, 2011 § 3 comments § permalink

Noobs can kill!

I believe I have a great raid team, not a good raid team, but a great one. After over a year of raiding together I think we’ve all come to know each other very well—even going so far as to meet up for actual real life partying (no, Vodka drunk from wooden egg cups does not a happy morning make).

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Raid leading and me

June 24th, 2010 § 0 comments § permalink

Sometime back in the dim and distant past I became aware of what exactly the endgame entailed for most players and I embarked on a quest to get into one of my guilds raiding teams. Although I was rapidly picking up gear from heroics and buying my T9 gear with my Triumph emblems I was still vastly under geared for any of the content that the teams were running and so was unlikely to even be added as a bench member. Fortunately for me the guild leader of the time was putting together a 4th team and so I signed my name up and waited for some raiding action to appear in my calendar. A week later – and with no sign of any raids – I checked on the guild forums to find that without a leader to organise things the members of the team that had so far been assembled weren’t likely to be going anywhere.

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