Space. Where things are dangerous. I’m not elite.

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Trevithick Station. LHS 3447.

So I load into the game and this is what I see. I’m in a loaned Sidewinder and have 1000 credits to my name.

This game is gorgeous. The sound design is fantastic – an incredibly immersive spaceship soundscape surrounds you. It creaks, hums and clicks with every control input you make. When you hear an out of place sound you know something is amiss with your ship.

Up next I’ve ordered the components to make myself an EdTracker and I’ve been told a joystick is on its way. At some point I think an Oculus Rift will be necessary. Then a gaming chair… I can see myself getting lost in this universe.

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Hammer Time

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U can't touch this

Thanks to the efforts of Elsen, the members of Jane Doe and the denizens of Open Raid I now make awesome awesome bubbles.

My Christmas Project – Part Deux

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As detailed in my last post my World of Warcraft project for this Christmas break was to get my bank alt Gnome to level 80 for a Herald of the Titans run that’ll be happening sometime later this year.

Unfortunately I did not commit the necessary time to the project to get it done. I did however get him 13 more levels up to a nice 53. About halfway through I was informed that I really should have him in a guild with all the leveling perks and was hindering things by keeping him in my banking guild ‘The Royal Bank of Grokk’.

A quick switcheroo later and I’m now soaking up the perks. What a nub.

My Christmas Project

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My 2012 Christmas Project is to level my 40-ish bank alt Grokknome. The tricksy little Gnome Rogue must be level 80 by the end of the break so I can take him into Ulduar and get a Herald of the Ancients achievement at some point next year. Failure on this point will result in not getting said achievement – this is bad.

There. Since it’s now written down it has to happen.

Big guilds, little people

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How big is your guild? Do you know everyone in it? Do you make an effort to really know everyone in it? Or are you content to surround yourself in the people you know and ignore the other 200?

Just this discussion came up the other day amongst my guild-mates and I and I genuinely think that it needs some serious thought if a large guild is to be successful. It is a natural human trait to form a small group of people around you whom you really know well—you might consider these your best friends. Sure, you will have other friends, beyond that acquaintances and everyone is different; one person may maintain a very small circle of close friends where others will have much larger groups. At some point though the guild grows beyond the size of even the socialites largest circle and that, in my opinion, is when issues arise.

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TukUI a.k.a. my new favourite UI.

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Lowercase is for chumps. Uppercase. :) - Hydra, to whom I owe thanks for the logo

When patch 4.0.1 dropped I took the opportunity to give my addons folder a much needed clearing. I figured that perhaps I didn’t really need all the junk that I’d managed to accumulate—at a rough tally I had 50+ addons. Just to make life harder on myself I resolved to get rid of everything. “Perhaps I’d get on with all the old (and new) defaults that Blizzard had given us” I thought to myself.

I didn’t last very long—but I did resolve to find a single UI package that would give me all that I needed and be lightweight whilst it was at it. Enter TukUI.

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Do you RP?

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I need to stand on things else I can't reachMeet Grokknome; he’s the character I created to make some real money on the AH. Actually, scratch that, he was originally created for a level 1 gnome hogger raid. You know, before they nerfed that particular piece of fun. If I recall correctly  the 40 or so of us that had gathered managed to kill hogger just fine—we then went on a tour of Dalaran before jumping out of the sewer pipe in some sort of mass Gnomish suicide pact.

After all this I found that I’d become rather attached to the fellow; I mean, how can you not, with his bald head, jug ears and tasty goatee/tache combo. From that day forward he became my trusty AH (dis)enchanter companion. He’s not always camped out in front of the Dwarfen hottieauctioneer either as I regularly find him ganking healers in Warsong Gulch.

But now I suppose I’ve come to the crux of this whole article. Despite not playing on a Role Play realm—despite not ever being interested in that kind of thing before now—I find myself properly identifying with this little guy’s personality. He’s a shameless, cheeky, womanising scamp who’ll /flirt at anything female and has a particular liking for women of the Dwarfen kind. He’s had more then a few /slap‘s, and will usually evoke at least a /gasp or a /blush (all in-game emotes I might add, the line is drawn at harassing pixels). The thing is, I don’t know why I do it—I really haven’t a clue; perhaps it’s the way he dances?

But all this has got me thinking—I can’t be the only one. Can I?

The trip has indeed been long

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Here be (rideable violet) dragons

I’d like to thank all the people who’d made the last year as enjoyable as it has been. Despite having been playing this game for over a year now I’ve still got so much to see and do – so for that I’d like to thank blizzard, but not for The Turkinator for that they can all go sit in the naughty corner.

Hello world!

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Me, on a dragon. In the Dalaran sewer

So I’ve finally gotten around to this whole blogging thing. I wouldn’t expect much at the moment to be honest since I’m still getting warmed up to the whole idea but before long I’ll be spamming your RSS feeds with all sorts of thoughtful musings.