Privacy Policy


Any personally identifying information we retain will not be used for any purpose other than to provide functionality on this website. We will not pass your information on unless legally required to do so.

Information we collect

We use Ackee to monitor statistics about the viewership so that we may better tailor the content to you, the visitor. We have configured Ackee to;

  • Not collect any personally identifying information.
  • Not use cookies to identify you.

When logging in to comment via one of the three authentication providers we request the minimum of information to provide the commenting functionality. This includes a way to identify you as a user of the commenting functionality and where possible a profile image to associate with your commenting identity.

This information is retained for the express purpose of providing the commenting functionality. It will not be used for any other purpose.

As per the requirements of the GDPR you are able to request the deletion of your commenting information, as well as your full comment history by utilising the built in functions of the commenting system.

Information others may collect

This website may use third party scripts to embed content from third party websites, namely;

Where possible this functionality is configured in such a way that the third parties have minimal access to your information. Interaction with the third party content (such as playing an embedded video) will allow the third parties to track you as if you had visited their websites.