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Welcome to the new Real Men Wear Dress.es

This was the year I took some time out to rebuild this site. As is typical for the personal projects we take on it featured large amounts of scope creep, a non-existant deadline and too many new technologies to learn.

Where I came from

The original incarnation of this site was a WordPress instance. It used a theme that I’d forked from one I’d found whilst rummaging around on github and a number of plugins to otherwise improve the site. I was pretty proud of my efforts to be honest. I had it running on a standard LEMP Linode VPS which I’d setup with a bunch of custom Ansible playbooks. It was deployed into a folder and I mostly let it take care of itself by giving it all the horrendous write permissions that it asked for.

But things move on, and some 8 years later I chose to rebuild it all.

Deploying Rancheros on Vultr Instances

One of things I’ve been playing with of late is a Docker container orchestration system called Rancher. I’ve been very excited to discover the features and capabilities the developers have created and despite being quite new it’s extremely well polished - for the most part it just works. One of the projects they’d developed alongside their software is an operating system called RancherOS. It’s a light weight linux installation that runs it’s userspace entirely from within containers; the init process is docker itself.

Ansible deployment of DNS zone files

I’ve recently started to refactor my server configuration1. It’s always been built with Ansible but it was one of the first things I ever did using that and I was fairly certain that every way I could have been doing it wrong I was.

Why do my sockets keep disappearing?

I’m working on getting my froxlor instance setup with PHP5-FPM and Nginx and was encountering an issue whereupon reboot the PHP functionality would be broken. Looking in syslog would give me about 30 lines of PHP5-FPM failing to start and then giving up. Looking in /var/log/php5-fpm.log would tell me nothing useful other then the configtest passed.