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Welcome to the new Real Men Wear Dress.es

This was the year I took some time out to rebuild this site. As is typical for the personal projects we take on it featured large amounts of scope creep, a non-existant deadline and too many new technologies to learn.

Where I came from

The original incarnation of this site was a WordPress instance. It used a theme that I’d forked from one I’d found whilst rummaging around on github and a number of plugins to otherwise improve the site. I was pretty proud of my efforts to be honest. I had it running on a standard LEMP Linode VPS which I’d setup with a bunch of custom Ansible playbooks. It was deployed into a folder and I mostly let it take care of itself by giving it all the horrendous write permissions that it asked for.

But things move on, and some 8 years later I chose to rebuild it all.