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High availability DNS with Adguard Home and keepalived

Compared to your average home internet user I (and lets face it probably you, the reader) have a way more complicated home network than necessary;

  • I don’t just have an ISP supplied router, I’ve got Omada network switches and routers and access points.
  • I’ve got multiple small servers running network services like DNS or VPN tunnels.

I thought I’d been a good little IT professional and had ensured that my maintenance (unplanned or otherwise) wouldn’t affect my families Netflix or Paramount+ streaming by having not one but two synchronised Adguard Home powered DNS servers. I’d ensured both were communicated out via DHCP (or statically configured) as the primary and secondary DNS services so that no matter what I was doing no one would be stuck without working entertainment.

But then the RaspberryPi powered device died a death, and my network fell over1; because, as it turns out, not all devices do the sensible thing and what “secondary DNS server” actually means is “try this one after 30 seconds of hanging about”.

Populating my single user Mastodon instance

Your single user (or otherwise small) Mastodon server doesn’t have much content on it. Your followed #hashtags don’t seem to bring in much and you resort to browsing big instances to find new people or content that you’re interested in.

This post.

I recently toot’d1 that despite having a decent set of “followed” hashtags on my instance I just wasn’t seeing any content coming in for them. This was frustrating me and having done a bit of investigation into how ActivityPub functions turns out is just the way it is ™️.

As I scroll through my feed seeing the same old faces (love y'all) I've come to the realisation that my subscribed hashtags are doing very little.

Guess that's a "running my own" instance thing. 😢

I've got relays, but those seem to be mostly made up of other small instances. could have helped but doesn't seem to add anything new.

seems hard work if you're not on a big instance. My posts feed up, others don't feed down all that much.

My 2023 hobby (non) update

This year, despite spending a silly amount of money on Games Workshop products (subscriptions, magazines, 10th edition rules and datacards, a few models), I played precisely two shortend games1. I also spent about 5 hours or so painting.

Given the money spent this is not really acceptable so I need to have a serious ponder about what to do. I figured writing it down here for the world to see might give me some momentum.

A Geordi LaForge meme. The first image of Geordi show him holding his hand out in a gesture of warning, the accompanying text reads 'getting hobby stuff done'. The second image shows Georgi pointing his fingure in a gesture of recognition and encouragement, the accompanying text reads 'getting hobby stuff done.'

Some shortcode magic for embedding toots in Hugo posts.

After a bit of work with Hugo’s templating functions, namely the exceedingly useful getJSON I can now embed Mastodon posts directly in my page!

If you’ve looked at this before you might be thinking “Gee, this is easy, you just use the Oembed API”. Well, I didn’t want to use that so this does it properly, with building actual content out of JSON responses. It does mean I’m in way more control of the behaviour.